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Park out is digital marketplace for event space that allows users to buy and sell parking or tailgating space for events! We know parking and tailgating space can be hard to find for events. We plan to make it easier for you. We want to help the community around an event venue provide parking and tailgating services by providing a platform to list and manage their space. Think of it like AirBnB for event spaces.

We want to make the event experience more enjoyable, and dealing with parking is a hassle we want to remove from the process. Whenever there is an event, there is a surge in vehicles coming to an area and generally not enough parking to accommodate. However, there is a huge community near several event venues that can service that demand. We are looking to improve the efficiency of space utilization by connecting property owners who have extra room in their driveway or lawn with people who need parking for a event. Event attendees can book a spot ahead of time to make their event experience more enjoyable. Property owners near the stadium can earn easy passive income by just listing their space for these events! A great Win-Win. Join ParkOut now on mobile!! 


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Founding Team


Rav Singh


Miguel Delgado

Rav and Miguel are both exceptional engineers with a desire to create value for the world. We wanted to create something that would improve the lives of users, and we identified a problem that occurs with event parking that both of us have often experienced. The solution to the problem also seemed very clear when we would ask ourselves while looking for parking at a football game, why not just park in that driveway that has extra space? Well we didn't because that would be trespassing :). But we thought, why not pay that property owner so our life could be easier and the property owner makes some money for helping us out! That sparked our drive to develop ParkOut! We believe connecting people is the key to solving so many problems in this world. Here we hope to solve the problem of event parking by connecting people. Please reach out and let us know what you think!

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