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Why Sell With ParkOut?

To make more Money with less work!

No Fees! No Commission!
Try ParkOUT with no cost to you to find out how ParkOut can help you!

New to selling parking?

ParkOut makes it very easy to begin selling parking for events with minimal effort! Simply list your space on our app and begin earning additional passive revenue for your property near an event venue. We have a passive check in option where if you explain clearly where to park (e.g. "Just park on the right side of the driveway), you can have people show up to park on your property without ever meeting them! Meaning the only work you need to do is list your space on the app to begin making money! You can confirm purchases by checking the license plates of parked cars.

We also have the active check in feature if you want to meet people parking on your property and check them in with a QR code or their license plate number. We suggest starting with allowing parking on extra space you may have in your driveway and expand the number of spots you offer as you get more comfortable. You can eventually even allow people to park on your lawn if you are comfortable with that and generate a very large amount of revenue. Some sellers make thousands of dollars per event! Give us a try and please reach out if you have any questions!

Already Sell Parking?

How does ParkOut make you more money? In 2 ways

  1. Charging higher prices. We have talked to many buyers and turns out no one wants to spend time driving around looking for a parking spot. Event goers are willing to pay a premium to shop for parking on an app and book the parking ahead of time. This allows you to command a higher price by listing your space on our app!

  2. The increased visibility of your parking spot on our app lets more people see your space which leads to more bookings which means more revenue for you!

ParkOut makes selling parking easier!

  • You sell out your spaces before the day of the event and know exactly how many people to expect! No need to stand outside all day with a sign. When someone arrives, you easily check them in with their QR code or with their license plate number. If you have a few people coming late, you can turn passive check in mode on in the app. This means you are going to have people show up and park themselves and you can check their plate numbers later to confirm their purchase at your leisure. If there are clear instructions on where to park, passive check in mode can be on from the start! Passive check in mode is also great for those only selling a small number of spots with clear instructions in your description on where people should park when they arrive. 

  • You have the ability to easily turn booking for your spots on or off. Some sellers only like to sell spots on our until the day of the event. You can easily turn your spot off on our app to avoid confusions of in-person and in-app bookings. You can keep the spot on in the app until you sell out in-person as well! Over time you will likely sell all your spots before the event begins!

Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We have a support chat built into the app or you can always reach us through email (, facebook, or a message on our website. 

Enterprise Solutions

We have unique solutions available for those who run and manage events themselves. We can assist with providing a parking reservation system, contact-less check in, tracking of revenue, and many other features that different venues or situations may require. Please contact us at or leave us a message to have us help with your parking needs at your next event.

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